We are officially ready to launch Reeward.io Bounty BETA.

Once this demo of the Reeward.io system is live, we will continue to reach out to entrepreneurs and business owners, show them our digital asset distribution platform, and convince them to adopt Enjin-powered assets and rewards.

We're lazer-focused on boosting exposure of the Enjin Ecosystem.

The more people use Reeward.io, the more people will find out about Enjin and all of the amazing games utilizing Enjin's tools.

Here's what the BETA launch of Reeward.io's demo (Reeward.io Bounty) will include:

  • Earn Rio via Gleam and Givelab giveaways.
  • Buy digital assets and earn Rio via Reeward.io Commerce store.
  • Use your Rio to spin the ENJ HUNT wheel.
  • Collect ENJ HUNT tokens and craft an ENJ Ingot (1,000 $ENJ).
  • Use your Rio to craft tokenized discounts.
  • Link your Enjin Wallet and deposit blockchain assets.

Please note: Asset withdrawals will be disabled for live penetration testing. You will not be able to remove your blockchain assets from the Reeward.io Platform until we have completed an intensive security audit.

(Screenshot of Reeward.io Bounty)

Here's what's coming up on the roadmap:

  • Link your Enjin Wallet and withdraw blockchain assets  (Q4, 2019)
  • In-app quests & bounties (Q1, 2020)
  • Forgotten Artifacts integration (Q1, 2020)
  • Reeward.io Asset & Quest SDK (Q1, 2020)
  • Multiverse quests (Q1, 2020)
  • In-app minting: mint your own blockchain rewards (Q2, 2020)
  • Reeward.io builder: build your own loyalty platform (Q2, 2020)

Here's what we will build with more funding:

  • Wordpress extension (Q2, 2020)
  • Mobile app (Q3, 2020)
  • Ecommerce integrations (Q3, 2020)
  • Social Media integrations (Q4, 2020)

Introducing Reeward.io Commerce: Blockchain asset stores

Right now, not everyone is familiar with the idea of downloading cryptocurrency wallets to receive digital assets.

This provides a notable barrier to purchasing Enjin-backed items—and we're looking to flatten it.

If we want to see an influx of ENJ-backed items land in the pockets of everyday people, we need to build invisible bridges that they can accidentally stumble across.

Reeward.io Commerce is a blockchain asset shopping cart integration that will make it super easy for anybody to create and sell ENJ-backed items through their website.

You will be able to test out the first example of Reeward.io Commerce on the 28th of November.

Reeward.io Commerce: Subscription Token Sale

In the first Reeward.io Commerce store, we will be offering heavily discounted tokenized subscriptions.

This provides a unique opportunity for you to get some unbelievable deals on Reeward.io packages and resell them on the Enjin Marketplace.

We will even promote your discounted tokens on our pricing page.

These exclusive legacy subscriptions will be available via $45 Subscription Token Crates.

That means you will receive a subscription token valued at $65-$995 in every $45 crate.

People are knocking on our door and the demand for Reeward.io subscriptions is growing.

We're also giving away tons of bonuses

  • 500 bonus Rio: Bounty Coin tokens awarded with every crate.
  • 1,000 Founder of Rio City Tokens (Hunters of Rio: multiverse quest characters) awarded to the top 1,000 contributors.
  • 100 Boss of Rio City Tokens  (Hunters of Rio: multiverse quest characters) awarded to the top 100 contributors.
  • 10 God of Rio City Tokens (Hunters of Rio: multiverse quest characters) awarded to the top 10 contributors.
  • 216 Bonus Subscription Tokens awarded to the top 90 contributors.

$295 and $995 Subscription Tokens Already Have Utility

Reeward.io is open for business.

We are now ready to start building digital asset and reward distribution systems for anybody willing to pay 12 months of the Premiere or Ultimate Package up front.

You can pay us via PayPal, ENJ, ETH or subscription tokens purchased on the Enjin Marketplace.

Here's what we will deliver in return:

  1. Design, development, and support to build a complete Reeward.io Platform
  2. Customized branding: Colours, typography, menu, and copy
  3. Ecommerce integration for rewards and digital asset sales
  4. Your own collection on the Enjin Platform/EnjinX
  5. Up to 20 tokens minted: you provide the ENJ backing and ETH for gas
  6. 1 custom-branded spinning wheel
  7. Up to 5 crafting recipes
  8. Unlimited discount codes

If you have any specific requirements please contact us: team@reeward.io

Introducing: The Founder of Rio City

"The initial effort to build Rio City was made possible by an influential community of founders who came together to build a city in the desert. To this day, founders are a crucial part of the operations arm of Rio City. They can be easily recognized by their rare cybernetic masks and gauntlets."

  • Supply: 1,000
  • Backing: 1 ENJ
  • Supply Model: Collapsible
  • Transfer Settings: Permanently Transferable
  • Transfer Fees: 0 ENJ
  • Melt Fees: 0 ENJ

The Founder of Rio City is a prominent character in the Hunters of Rio (multiverse quest).

This character will be usable in Reeward.io, Forgotten Artifacts, and other partnered games.

Reeward.io Bounty: $5000 Enjin Coin Rewards, Multiverse Quests, and Rewards SDK

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