We have an announcement to make.

After planning, designing, and building the technology behind Reeward.io since February 2019, we are now ready to provide retailers with the most advanced rewards program their customers have ever seen.


We are developing Reeward.io to eventually become a self-serve platform where businesses can create their loyalty web apps on their own—just like they're used to doing with SaaS platforms like Shopify and MailChimp.

The self-serve admin interface is scheduled to be completed in Q2 of 2020 but our reward and gamification mechanics are already working perfectly, the system is delivering fantastic results, and it is ready to be integrated into live web apps and online stores.

In fact, it already has been.

That means, we can start providing the Reeward.io platform to forward-thinking entrepreneurs immediately.

Any company that's ready to lead the first wave of blockchain-powered retail experiences can join now.

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Create the most advanced loyalty program your customers have ever seen

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The most advanced loyalty platform ever

Reeward.io is powered by 10's of millions of dollars worth of blockchain infrastructure.

There is no other rewards platform in the world that can create such a valuable rewards economy around your business.

We believe this new era of multiplayer loyalty programs will change retail forever.

Instead of just offering points and discounts, Reeward.io can help you create a uniquely branded journey, where your customers can become the heroes of your story.

It's not just about convincing people to buy more products.

It's about delivering an experience that fosters a deep connection with your brand—this is about extending the lifetime bond between you and your customers as a community.

Our features are constantly evolving. But even now, there is nothing quite like Reeward.io:

  • Custom-Branded Web App: Customers will be able to collect rewards, play games, and redeem prizes within your customized web app—an experience that is tailored to suit your brand.
  • Custom Domain: You will get a subdomain that can sit seamlessly within your website e.g. rewards.yourdomain.com.
  • Blockchain-Enabled Trading: Players can own their points, resources, and prizes forever and trade them freely. This enables you to increase the value of your rewards, boost peer-to-peer engagement, and grow your community.
  • Collecting & Crafting: Delight your customers by taking them on an engaging journey as they win points, collect resources, trade with friends, craft prizes, and earn discounts.
  • High Value Prizes: Once your customers have received a prize they can use it as a discount and also as a gaming item, they can then trade it with friends or store it forever in their secure blockchain wallet.
  • Cross-Platform Assets: You can integrate your points, resources, and prizes into any game or app that chooses to support them, increasing their value exponentially. This means your customers' rewards unlock perks within multiple gaming worlds and vertically integrated applications.

As an early adopter, you can go live with this full suite of sophisticated gamification mechanics now.

We deeply appreciate our early adopters

At Reeward.io, we recognize that there are no stakeholders more instrumental in our success than our early adopters.

That's why you will receive benefits that simply won't be available to companies that come later.

They include:

  • Tailored Integration—Our development team will build the plugins or APIs necessary to integrate the Reeward.io platform into your web app or online store.
  • Branding & Design—Our design team will customize the Reeward.io template to match your brand, providing a seamlessly integrated experience that blows your customers away.
  • Co-Marketing—Our marketing team will generate content and PR to promote you and your innovative blockchain rewards program.

You will also be tagged with a special status within our internal client management system ensuring you will always enjoy priority marketing and development support.

We're constantly improving and you will benefit first

Early adopter status will also provide early access to upcoming features.

When new advancements are developed, tested, and ready for open-beta, your early adopter account will be offered the first opportunity to provide these new experiences to your customers.

Offering you a continuous competitive edge.

Here's a look at some of the features we are currently working on:

  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Telegram Integration
  • YouTube Integration
  • Twitch Integration
  • Spotify Integration
  • Reeward.io Mobile App
  • QR-Triggered Reward Distribution

Our ultimate goal is to create a platform that can reward anyone for anything.

That's why we keep blowing people's minds with a never ending barrage of exciting features.


We plan to create the perfect rewards platform for any industry.

From retail to education, from sports stars to YouTubers, we want our service to be able to engage, delight, and motivate, any customer, employee, audience, or community.

We are only just getting started and early adopters will continue to reap the rewards of our progress.

How Reeward.io increased Kriptomat's revenue by 1700%

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Harness the power of the blockchain

With Reeward.io, you don't need to know anything about the blockchain to use it to your advantage.

However, for those of you that want to find out more, please read on.

Running on Ethereum

Every one of your reward points, resources, and prizes will be protected and managed by the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain assets are far more valuable than ordinary virtual items because customers can own them forever, trade them freely, and use them in multiple games and apps.

We will protect your assets for you, so any blockchain rewards that are deposited into your web app (rewards.yourdomain.com) are stored within our secure Ethereum wallet.

Your customers will have the option to withdraw their rewards whenever they like⁠—by commanding the Ethereum network to send their points, resources, and prizes from the Reeward.io wallet to their personal blockchain wallet.

From there, they can trade their rewards with their friends or use them in games that can sync with their blockchain wallet and recognize its inventory.

Powered by Enjin

Reeward.io assets are coded onto the blockchain using a robust set of tools provided by Enjin, a blockchain development company partnered with Samsung and Unity.

There are a few noteworthy components of the Enjin platform.

Enjin Smart Contracts

Enjin's smart contracts command the Ethereum blockchain, allowing us to create and control blockchain rewards⁠.

Enjin's tools are originally designed to create next-generation gaming items.

However, we have chosen to use them to create ultra-valuable retail rewards.

Enjin Wallet

To take full ownership over their blockchain assets and gain the ability to store them forever, trade them freely, and use them in multiple games, your customers can choose to download the Enjin Wallet app.

This powerful app allows your customers to activate Enjin's smart contracts and command the Ethereum blockchain with their mobile phone.


Your customers can also browse all of your blockchain rewards via a blockchain explorer called EnjinX.

This web app enables customers to browse, research, and explore live Ethereum data, which is especially useful when it comes to validating the authenticity of their reward assets and the legitimacy of the data attached to them.

Earn perpetual revenue from your rewards economy

One of the most incredible things about Reeward.io is that it leverages the blockchain to provide you with two new forms of  perpetual revenue—withdrawal fees and trading fees.

Withdrawal fees

When customers earn reward points, play games, win resources, craft prizes, and claim discounts from within your reward web app there are no transaction costs.

This is because in-app assets are added to their in-app inventory while remaining within Reeward.io's blockchain wallet.

However, once they wish to withdraw those assets and move them to their personal blockchain wallet, those transactions are processed by the thousands of machines that run the Ethereum network and they can charge anywhere up to $0.60 per transaction.

To mitigate the unpredictability of these network fees and prevent you and your customers having to purchase and manage cryptocurrencies, customers will pay Reeward.io a flat rate of  $0.37 to cover all withdrawal expenses.

Furthermore, you are also able to add your own commission onto these transactions.

For example, if you want a $1.67 revenue share each time a customer withdraws a reward from your loyalty app, you could set your withdrawal fees to $2.00.

Once an asset is in a customer's personal wallet, they can trade it with friends or use it within blockchain-enabled games like Forgotten Artifacts.

Trading fees

The magic of the blockchain enables you to create a holistic peer-to-peer economy where users can trade reward points, resources, and prizes freely.

This will help you strengthen engagement within your community and provide you with an automated referral loop as customers give your rewards to people that don't usually shop with you.

Moreover, you are also able to charge peer-to-peer trading fees on every transfer made between your customers.

Entrepreneurs are already earning thousands of dollars per month in transfer fees  and the networks effects are only growing stronger.

It's important to note that all peer-to-peer trades are managed by the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum transaction fees are paid in Ether (ETH) and you can receive trading fees in Enjin Coin (ENJ).

This means, users that want to trade peer to peer will usually need both Ether and Enjin Coin in their wallet to process transactions.

How much does Reeward.io cost?

We have poured thousands of hours into planning, designing, and developing Reeward.io's technology over the last seven months so you don't have to.

It's our pledge that we will continue to invest our lives into upgrading the user experience so you can rest easy while staying on the bleeding edge of marketing innovation.

Upon launch, there will be three packages available.

  • The Essential Package: Price yet to be determined.
  • The Premiere Package: Price yet to be determined.
  • The Ultimate Package: $995 USD per month.

Right now, you can join our early adopter program by signing up to the ultimate package on a 12 month contract.

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The word's first tradable software license

Great news!

Paying a year in advance will attract a 20% discount.

Even greater news!

Retailers who pay in advance for their subscriptions will be able to trade them at any timeby withdrawing their remaining credit and transferring it into their blockchain wallet.

The subscription will land in your wallet as a tokenized software licence that you can give, trade, or sell to anyone you want.

This ensures that you will always get what you paid for—or you money back (from someone else).

This feature will be available in Q2 of 2020.

25% referral commission, for a lifetime

We're also happy to announce the launch of our new referral program that offers 25% of subscription revenue for the lifetime of any referred account.

That means, if you sign someone up to our early adopter program, you will earn up to $2,985.00 USD every year—for as long as that client stays with us.

Reeward.io Challenge: Sign up 16 early adopters and go live on a beach while we serve them.

Giveaway: Win one of the first tokenized software licenses

To celebrate the launch of Reeward.io's early adopter program we are giving away the world's first tokenized software licenses valued at a total of $11,940.

Each tradable license will provide 1 month of Reeward.io's Ultimate Package.

There will only be 12 winners.

Please note: The subscription tokens will not provide access to Reeward.io's early adopter program and will be redeemable upon the launch of the self-serve Reeward.io platform—due Q2, 2020.

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