A flyover the ḥob District

13th of November, 2077

Rio City, nestled on the coastline of modern Western Australia.

Housing 35 million people, this cosmopolitan city was built to accommodate the mass migration of refugees whose countries were destroyed by saltwater flooding—and the famine that ensued.

One of the most multicultural cities in the world, Rio is a bedlam of art, music, innovation, and anarchy, its communities are governed by technological capital and brute force.

Blockchain, a networking solution invented in 2049, is a driving force for innovation in this migrant city, despite being unpopular across the global economy due to the strict regulations imposed by the People's Republic of Earth (PRoE).

Ten years later after the creation of the blockchain, a faction of underground computer scientists, called Enjin, invented a way to utilize a robust decentralised framework to network across parallel universes.

Astonishingly, this allowed the people of Earth to venture into innumerable alternate realities.

Enjin's technology using blockchain to create infinite bridges to parallel worlds.

Most of those that adopted Enjin's technology were primarily interested in the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow, while gathering resources to help their communities back on their homeworld—people quickly started calling those explorers wanderers.

In their initial travels, the first wanderers quickly discovered that there were alternate timelines that were decades ahead in cross-universe exploration.

In fact, their homeworld was already mapped out as part of a multiversal directory called EnjinX.io.

Their universe even had a name: Verse 3377.

As they studied the histories within these alternate timelines, they found that, in most cases, the early invention and adoption of blockchain technology had subverted the rise of authoritarianism.

In these worlds, decentralized governance of global economies had left no space for autocrats like the PRoE to grow in power and influence.

Meanwhile, back on their homeworld, Verse 3377, an insidious arm of the People's Republic of Earth, called The Dark Triad, had brazenly announced their plans to invade and subjugate the less technologically advanced parallel worlds they now had access to, openly stating that they would strip them of their resources to bolster the power of the PRoE.

The operations arm of Rio City knew that if they stood by and did nothing, they too would find themselves in the cross-hairs of The Dark Triad.

In response, they ordered a secret cross-universe guerrilla warfare campaign, founding a faction called the Hunters of Rio and tasking them with an ongoing mission to track The Dark Triad off-world and annihilate them anonymously.

This became known as the first-ever multiverse quest.

What is a Rio Founder, Boss, or God token?

There is a special group of people that were instrumental in the construction of Rio.

These prominent characters in the Verse 3377 story will  be represented by tokens that provide visible utility within the Reeward.io platform.

These tokens will be awarded to Reeward.io's top supporters.

More information to come.

Founders of Rio (Soon to be Unveiled)

The initial effort to build Rio City was made possible by an influential community of founders who came together to build a city in the desert. To this day, founders are a crucial part of the operations arm of Rio City. They can be easily recognized by their rare cybernetic masks and gauntlets.
  • Supply: 1,000
  • Backing: 1 ENJ
  • Supply Model: Collapsible
  • Transfer Settings: Permanently Transferable
  • Transfer Fees: 0 ENJ
  • Melt Fees: 0 ENJ

Bosses of Rio (Soon to be Unveiled)

Rio's bosses are especially prominent figures within the city. Their abundance of status and wealth has given them an enormous amount of power within the community. They are extremely influential when it comes to Rio operations and can be recognized by their signature bioinformatic eye patch-integrated neural-links.
  • Supply: 100
  • Backing: 10 ENJ
  • Supply Model: Collapsible
  • Transfer Settings: Permanently Transferable
  • Transfer Fees: 0 ENJ
  • Melt Fees: 0 ENJ

Gods of Rio (Soon to be Unveiled)

They call themselves gods but they do not believe themselves to more than human in a spiritual sense. That said, they do control the world in ways mere mortals simply cannot fathom. They are spoken of in whispers and rumoured to wear masks that look like the face of an Australian Dingo. 
  • Supply: 10
  • Backing: 100 ENJ
  • Supply Model: Collapsible
  • Transfer Settings: Permanently Transferable
  • Transfer Fees: 0 ENJ
  • Melt Fees: 0 ENJ