As we build this unique company and the technology that powers it, it's profoundly important to take stock of what we are doing, and more importantly, why we are doing it.

We are creating a platform that sets a new standard in customer experience technology, one that has far-reaching implications for the retail industry and all other markets we move to serve.

If we are successful, tens of thousands of customer-facing businesses around the world will utilize Eventually, competitors will attempt to copy this model, and we are confident that they will not have the ability to iterate at our pace. Subsequently, as they fall behind, we will continue pushing forward relentlessly.

With these, and other, external challenges ahead, we won't have the luxury to deal with the internal struggles that naturally come with scaling such a robust SaaS platform.

For this reason, now is the time to define our mission and ensure that our ideas, decisions, processes, habits, and values align perfectly with it.

In this manifesto, we aim to highlight True North on our moral compass with a permanent marker. If our instincts are correct, this North Star will continue to guide us toward economic, communal, and moral success long into the future.

Today, we believe the key to creating a great business is to establish a good company.

That exercise starts today.

Who Do We Work For?

As business operators, it is easy to think that we work for ourselves, but this is not the most effective attitude to adopt.

Ultimately, our job is to make decisions, and those choices impact our users, clients, employees, and community. If we are blazing new trails, they can reverberate throughout our entire industry.

How can we possibly work for ourselves when our work influences so many people?

Out of all the stakeholders that may or may not feel the repercussions of our actions, there are two indivisible groups of people whose experience will be forever intertwined: our clients and users.

We must continually remind ourselves that by enabling our clients to deliver mind-blowing experiences to their customers (our users), we are capable of completely changing their lives.

Therefore, we must consider our clients and users to be our employers.

Everybody works for someone, it is our honor and privilege to work for them.

What is Our Mission?

When considering our core mission, it's crucial to ask ourselves—in what specific, tangible way can we have the most significant impact on our clients' and users' lives?

The first thing to take into account is that our team has a standout skill set that centres around marketing and innovation.

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The second key factor is our prospective clients often have impeccable marketing skills, but they lack the technical infrastructure and human resources to undertake ongoing R&D in marketing technologies, the same innovations their competitors are using to multiply the value of their companies many times over.

Thirdly, the element of marketing that, by and large, has the greatest impact on revenue is customer experience.

That's why we believe marketing-focused customer experience innovations are the most valuable service we can offer our clients.

This technology is the same kind that is enabling gargantuan institutions, such as Amazon, swallow up the entire retail market.

That's why: Our mission is to help hardworking entrepreneurs technologically leapfrog their most powerful competitors by providing innovations that delight, motivate, and retain the people that matter most to their businesses.

Our mission is simple, but it is what moves us.

What are Our Values?

We will only succeed in our core mission if we come up with good ideas, make smart decisions, design efficient processes, and develop productive habits—all of which must be in line with our values.

Our values, as people, guide our thoughts, words, and actions—they brought us here, made us who we are, and they propel us forward in visceral ways.

That is why we pledge to push relentlessly forward with:

  • Unwavering Optimism—Finding the opportunities that lie within every challenge. Focusing on positive potential and never presenting a problem without a solution to go with it.
  • Brutal Objectivity—Challenging the status quo by striving to make decisions with an utter absence of preconceived bias. Always searching for the best way forward, especially if it is unusual or unprecedented.
  • Actionable Empathy—Making the best decisions for our clients and users based on a deep understanding of their needs and desires. Developing ongoing trust and fostering positive outcomes by listening more than we talk, understanding more than we hear, and doing more than we say.
  • Lucid Honesty—Trusting people to trust us by making a concerted effort to be open and transparent with all forms of the truth. By working with unwavering optimism, brutal objectivity, and actionable empathy, we will never need to hide the imperfections that make us uniquely human.

We Are

A dedicated group of creators with hearts and minds that are united behind a shared mission—a mission that reacts to the technological inequality that makes businesses vulnerable and monopolies untouchable.

Just like you, we are hard workers that want to add something special to the world, something we can be proud of.

That's why we are, and you are too.

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