Kriptomat is Europe's government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

The innovative team prides themselves on their platform's best-in-class security, ease of use, and next-level user experience—ever since they first launched in June 2018.

They spent their first year promoting their platform using traditional marketing methods, gaining marginal traction.

In early 2019, their public exposure, social media reach, and user base sky rocketed when they teamed up with Enjin to create the world's first blockchain rewards program.

Announcing Dragon Riders of Kriptomat

In February 2019, One year since Kriptomat's inception, the team announced that they had started building an advanced blockchain-powered rewards system.

The rewards program, called the Dragon Riders of Kriptomat, was designed to provide users with highly valuable reward assets, called Kriptomat Dragons, that they could earn, craft, trade, collect, and use in video games.

Kriptomat would employ these rewards to engage, delight, and motivate their users in ways that had never been possible before.

Soon after the initial announcement, Kriptomat partnered with 8 game developers, who signed on to integrate the dragons into their games—drastically increasing the their intrinsic value.

Thanks to these talented game developers, Kriptomat's users would be able to move through multiple games using their Kriptomat dragons everywhere they go.

It works like this.

When a player logs into a game and links their blockchain wallet, the game can then read the player's blockchain inventory and unlock perks and content based on which assets they have.

The fact that Kriptomat's assets are on the blockchain allows any game or app developer to integrate them into their project with relative ease.

Kriptomat starts giving away rewards

In mid February 2019, Kriptomat launched their first giveaway of blockchain rewards.

Because these assets exist on the blockchain and are not locked inside servers or apps, the rewards can be distributed before the systems that support them are even complete.

This enabled Kriptomat to distribute free blockchain rewards that would provide bonuses within the Kriptomat loyalty program and perks within partnered games, once they launched.

Participants earned these rewards by registering with Kriptomat, sharing Kriptomat's content, and referring their friends to use the Kriptomat platform—giving everybody a chance to win and receive their prizes immediately.

March 2019: 194% increase in monthly revenue

Kriptomat's first giveaway of blockchain assets continued till mid march.

By the close of March 2019, Kriptomat's revenue had risen by 194%, which was exponentially higher than any increase they had experienced over the previous year.

This is when they realised they were onto something.

April: 20% increase in monthly revenue

In April, Kriptomat continued to promote their reward tokens by interviewing Chris LoVerme, the creative director of Age of Rust, who was planning to integrate Kriptomat's dragons into his game.

Age of Rust is an action-adventure game set in a dystopian future, the gameplay is highly focused on fighting robots, exploring environments, and solving puzzles.

During the interview Chris discussed how Kriptomat's dragons would unlock a special fire-breathing flamethrower within his game.

Promoting the perks that Kriptomat's dragons would soon provide within Age of Rust, raised the assets' value and gave users further motivation to earn them by engaging with Kriptomat.

May: 160% increase in monthly revenue

In early May, the Kriptomat team launched their second giveaway, offering participants more blockchain-based rewards for promoting and joining the Kriptomat platform.

The giveaway went viral, attracting 8,804 participants who completed 62,502 promotion, sharing, and engagement actions.

By the close of May, Kriptomat's monthly revenue had risen another 160%.

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June: 2% increase in monthly revenue

June was a quiet month for Kriptomat, largely focused around community engagement activities including a creative art competition.

July: 38% increase in monthly revenue

In July, Kriptomat partnered with Parallel Planes and created a new company called Beyond Horizon.

Beyond Horizon then announced that they were turning Kriptomat's loyalty program into Reewardio, a platform that any business would be able to use to create blockchain-based rewards and integrate them into their existing marketing plan.

The same month, Kriptomat & Beyond Horizon launched two small giveaways offering blockchain rewards to everyone who joined and promoted their communities.

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August: 20% increase in monthly revenue

In August, Kriptomat launched their reward platform, enabling their users to benefit from the blockchain-based rewards they had been amassing over the past 6 months through various giveaways.

Kriptomat users could now earn points, play games, win resources, craft prizes, and claim discounts through the most advanced blockchain-powered rewards program in the world.

Later that month, an action dungeon crawler game called Forgotten Artifacts also launched their successful integration of Kriptomat's dragons.

Players that had participated in previous giveaways could now choose to have Kriptomat's dragons follow them around the dungeons of Forgotten Artifacts.

September: Projected 26% increase in monthly revenue

At the end of August, Kriptomat launched the mobile version of their rewards program, offering a total of 100 million reward points to participants who downloaded the Kriptomat app and scanned the advertised QR code.

In mid-September, Kriptomat also launched a brand campaign called "Everybody Deserves Crypto" and promoted it with another giveaway of blockchain assets.

Based on their current momentum, the company is expected to see another 26% increase in revenue for the month of September.

February to August: 1700% rise in monthly revenue

Over this 6 month period, blockchain-powered rewards have directly helped to increase Kriptomat's community engagement, customer retention, and social outreach—outperforming any marketing tool they utilized previously.

The result is an astounding 1700% increase in monthly revenue.

Due to the resounding success of this blockchain rewards program, Kriptomat and Beyond Horizon have turned this powerful system into a platform that any business can use (Reewardio), which makes adopting blockchain assets for retail rewards easier than ever.

Now that the rewards system is working in a live environment, the Reewardio team can customize the rewards experience and seamlessly integrate it into any brand's website for a fraction of what it originally costed to develop.

Integrating Reewardio into your business

Today, Reewardio is made possible by hundreds of thousands of hours of work by Beyond Horizon, Kriptomat, Enjin, and the Ethereum Foundation.

The platform is powered by tens of millions of dollars worth of blockchain infrastructure—which is why it is hands-down the most technologically advanced rewards platform the world has ever seen.

Reewardio's loyalty and gamification mechanics are ready to be integrated into live web apps and online stores—in the same way they have been integrated into Kriptomat.

Retailers that are looking to gain a competitive edge by engaging, delighting, and motivating their customers like never before, should contact Reewardio today and chat with the team.

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