A few months ago, we wrote about our upcoming Rewards SDK/API and how it will enable any project to sync their rewards with any other project through Reeward.io— all while taking advantage of the in-built Enjin integration.

Well, the first iteration of this API is now complete and Forgotten Artifacts has used it to integrate their store and their game with Reeward.io Bountyhttps://bounty.reeward.io.

This incredible experience will allow Reeward.io users to gain Rio: Bounty Coin and use them to access the DragonHunt and ENJHunt minigames within one of the most advanced blockchain games to ever exist!

What's more, this creates a partnership template that Forgotten Artifacts can use to work with other retailers and businesses that want to provide their customers with a next-level gamification experience—ultimately bringing more players into the world of Forgotten Artifacts.

This is only our first iteration of our SDK/API, the next version will involve user-generated quests, which will then expand into multiverse quests.

But, for now, here is what you can expect when you login to Forgotten Artifacts.

Upon finding Reeward.io's quest giver (The Boss of Rio City) in Forgotten Artifacts, you will be asked to link your wallet.

The linking process is as simple as can be, it shouldn't take you any more than a minute to get your Reeward.io account synced up and ready to play.

Use your Reeward.io Multiverse items in Forgotten Artifacts

Upon linking your Reeward.io account to Forgotten Artifacts, the game will be able to read your centralized Reeward.io inventory and provide items based on what you own—even if they're not in your wallet.

This is a very important feature that allows Reeward.io to onboard non-blockchain customers into this ecosystem.

For us, It's all about convincing new users to adopt Enjin—not forcing them to.

Here's a look at the Reeward.io items that are currently playable in Forgotten Artifacts.

Earn Rio by making purchases from the Forgotten Artifacts Store

For one month only, every purchase of over $10 from the Forgotten Artifacts store will be rewarded with Rio: Bounty Coin.

Essentially, every $1 you spend will get you 5 Bonus Rio.

So, if you're in the market for some Forgotten Artifacts items, now is a great time to make a purchase.

Hunt for Reewards in Forgotten Artifacts!

Right now, there are two Reeward.io Mini-Games you can play in Forgotten Artifacts.


In Forgotten Artifacts, the Reeward.io dragons are loyal little comrades that will journey with you through the darkest dungeons.

The best and most exciting way to acquire these epic little beasts is by trawling through the dungeons of Talmuth.

The price to play DragonHunt is only 250 Rio, it's a lot of fun, and all of the dragons are instantly playable in Forgotten Artifacts.


It's been a few months and still no one as managed to win any of the 50x ENJ Ingots, backed by 1,000 ENJ (worth $80 today).

So, we have decided to drastically cut the price to play ENJHunt through Forgotten Artifacts.

The price to play ENJHunt is only 150 Rio, hopefully we start seeing a lot more ENJHunters pulling that ENJ Ingot out of Reeward.io

Telegram, Discord, Twitch, and Minecraft integrations coming soon!

We have done a lot of work across a lot of the most accessible large-scale platforms in the world and, I must say, receiving and using blockchain items without leaving your Telegram, Discord, Twitch, or Minecraft window is kinda surreal.

The next couple of months is going to be packed with new innovations and super-fun activities.

We are going to have Enjin-backed assets flying freely through all kinds of different software.

Watch this space, because we've only just begun.