1,000 Rio: Bounty Coin &  1,000 Enjin Coin are up for grabs!

Do you have meme skills?  Do you think your meme skills can pay the bills?  Show us.  

Enjin, as a community, is chock full of brilliant Enjineers—and the time has come to bless the Multiverse with your meme creations!

As you should probably know, Enjin's development tools now allow anyone to mint blockchain assets onto the Ethereum Mainnet.

We have decided to tap into the collective creativity of this incredible community to help us celebrate! What better way to start the party than by flooding the Multiverse and beyond with high quality memes?!

Today we have tweeted out a contest prompt:

We are calling on Twitter to help us find the perfect meme to respond to this absolute blasphemy.

So, go ahead and shower us with your minted meme masterpieces!

How to Clapp Back

Create a dank meme that addresses the tweet in question, mint it into a non fungible token (NFT), and reply to the contest prompt tweet with a link to the token you've created on EnjinX.

Ever been paid to meme your heart out? Well, buckle up people—THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Entering is super easy:

Step 1. @RealReewardio has already posted the contest prompt tweet.

Step 2. YOU create the punchiest/most viral/most dankified memes you can think of, and then mint that badboi at cloud.enjin.io.

Step 3. FIND your meme token on EnjinX and post a link to it in reply to the contest tweet.

Step 4. OUR JUDGES pick the winners - We have gathered the finest meme aficionados from across the Multiverse...so make your submissions dooooope!

Step 5. FOUR meme masters will line their pockets with 250 Rio & 250 Enjin Enjin Coin.

ATTENTION: All prizes will be sent directly to the winning meme's creator address (the address you used to mint it).

Sound easy? Well, that's because it is!

How to win 250 Rio and 250 Enjin Coin

The selection process will be as follows:

1 winner: Chosen by Twitter—the reply with the most likes and retweets wins

1 winner: Chosen by @vjacks21

1 winner: Chosen by @TheEsscay

1 winner: Chosen by @CryptoStache

Winners will be chosen on the 25th of February.

Not sure how to get started minting your meme into an everlasting NFT? Fear not, for this guide will walk you through every step and have you minting and memeing in no time!

Enjin Platform: Live on Ethereum Mainnet
For more than two years, we’ve been building an integrated ecosystem to hep blur the line between the imaginary and the real. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that a key element of this ecosystem—the Enjin Platform—is now live on Ethereum Mainnet.

Meme it. Mint it. Your destiny awaits.

Do you have what it takes to become meme royalty?

Your journey through dankness is about to begin!

This could be the first of many contests, so keep your ear to the Twitter-sphere, and get ready to battle for meme supremacy! SuperMEMEcy?

Either way, best of luck, have fun, and bring that hot fire!