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Welcome to Rio: Founders, Bosses, Gods, and Competition Winners

A brief tour of Rio City, including its history and hierarchy. Bounty: $5000 Enjin Coin Rewards, Multiverse Quests, and Rewards SDK

A comprehensive summary of what's happening with

Introducing's Early Adopter Program

After planning, designing, and building the technology behind Reewardio since February 2019, we are now ready to provide retailers with the most advanced rewards program their customers have ever seen.

How we helped raise Kriptomat's revenue by 1700%

Over a 6 month period, Reewardio directly helped to increase Kriptomat's community engagement, customer retention, and social outreach—outperforming any marketing tool they utilized previously.

Why Every Business Should Have a Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs are growing ever more popular because they have proven time and time again to be effective at driving repeat customers who advocate for your brand.

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